Bar Mitzvah Musical

New York, here we come!

Catch David Michael Finkelstein’s Bar Mitzvah at:

• March 4th – 54 Below – 254 W 54th St. (cellar) – NY, NY.
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Book, Music and Lyrics by Sue Fabisch

Black Tie Optional


The story takes place, well, at a David’s Bar Mitzvah, and centers around that group of relatives that you really don’t want to invite, but you have to anyway.  Ruth, the matriarch of the bunch is the overbearing Jewish mother, butting into everyone’s business – especially her daughter Sarah. Poor Sarah is just trying to make it through the event without one more person commenting on why she’s not married yet.  And father Irv rounds out the trio as he pretends he can’t hear a word of what his wife is saying.  Along comes Cousin Barry and his (fake) girlfriend Gina, a beautiful Italian manicurist, which of course leaves everyone confused because they all thought that Barry was gay!  And then there’s Matthew, the mystery man…who’s also, (wait for it) a doctor!

The 90-minute all-original musical (with no intermission) lets you eavesdrop as this zany bunch overeats through the cocktail hour to the all-important candle-lighting ceremony as they discover who’s having an affair with whom.

90 minutes.
3 men/3 women

Sue Fabisch is the author of Motherhood the Musical, which has played around the US as well as Scotland and a two-year tour in Australia.  She has written #1 songs for other artists and her own debut album landed in the Top 10 of Billboard Magazine’s Comedy Chart. Originally from New Jersey, Sue and her family currently live in Nashville, TN