Poppy’s PIZZA Palace

A delicious new musical for kids

Welcome to Poppy’s!

At this beloved local hangout, everyone gathers to watch their favorite pizza guy “throw the pie up in the sky.” It’s the place where pepperoni flies, best friends gather, and little brothers try to tag along.

But Poppy is starting to feel a little worn out. After all, the restaurant business is exhausting. He’s received a very lucrative offer from Taco Town and is considering closing his place down.

The kids are distraught! But with a little help from Hollywood magic, they come up with a plan to save their pizza palace. With a dash of determination and a small serving of “Stomp,” it’s a grand finale worthy of Dancing With The Stars.

  • 50 minutes
  • 10 songs
  • Main characters: 6 girls/4 boys
  • Chorus parts: Clubhouse kids, waiters/cooks and more!
  • Performance tracks available

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